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Erosional History of the Sandy Run Drainage basin, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

Introduction: Sandy Run is an interesting secondary drainage route as it drains the Chester Valley east end (also known as the Roslyn Valley) in a west-southwest direction, but instead of continuing a short distance further on the Chester Valley floor to join south oriented Wissahickon Creek, it turns in a north direction to flow through […]

Bucks County through valley inventory by township

This inventory is an effort to identify each township’s most prominent through valley, or through valleys and many less prominent through valleys are not included. The through valleys provide evidence of former drainage routes that can best be explained in the context of massive and prolonged southwest oriented floods that were sequentially captured by headward […]

Ridley Creek-Chester Creek drainage divide area located west of Media, Chester County, PA

Ridley Creek flows in a south-southeast direction along the west edge of Media and eventually reaches the southwest oriented Delaware River while Chester Creek flows in a southeast direction approximately 3 kilometers to the west and independently reaches the Delaware River. In addition to being two closely spaced and roughly parallel southeast oriented Delaware River […]

Strafford through valley linking Darby and Gulph Creeks

A shallow, but interesting through valley crosses the Schuylkill River-Delaware River drainage divide at the Main Line community of Strafford and links east oriented Gulph Creek, which flows to the Schuylkill River, with south oriented Darby Creek tributaries, with Darby Creek eventually reaching the Delaware River. The drainage divide elevation at the Strafford through valley […]

Through Valley Crossing the Delaware-Schuylkill Drainage Divide at Deer Run and East Branch Perkiomen Creek

A well defined northeast-to-southwest oriented through valley links the northwest oriented Deer Run valley with the southwest oriented East Branch Perkiomen Creek valley. The Deer Run valley drains to southeast, east, and south oriented Tohickon Creek, which flows to the southeast oriented Delaware River and the East Branch Perkiomen Creek drains to south and southwest […]

The Chester Valley Drainage Divide between the Delaware and Schuylkill River

The Chester Valley is a narrow lowland extending from near the southeast oriented Susquehanna River valley in an east-northeast direction almost to the southeast oriented Schuylkill River valley. The Pennsylvania Geologic Survey web applications map shows the Chester Valley to be underlain by easily eroded carbonate rocks. The Chester Valley north rim (North Valley Hills) […]

Chester Valley between Buck Run and West Branch Brandywine Creek

The Chester Valley between Parkesburg and Coatesville is an east-northeast oriented segment of a much longer through valley and includes the drainage divide between south oriented Buck Run at Pomeroy and south oriented West Branch Brandywine Creek at Coatesville. West Branch Brandywine Creek flows from the 600-700 foot high North Valley Hills (north of the […]

Chester Valley between Coatesville and Downingtown

The Chester Valley between Coatesville and Dowingtown is an east-northeast oriented through valley linking south oriented West Branch Brandywine Creek with south oriented East Branch Brandywine Creek. West Branch Brandywine Creek flows from the 500-600 foot high North Valley Hills (north of the Chester Valley) to enter and cross the less than 350-foot high Chester […]

Drainage Divide Between the East and West Branches Brandywine Creek Located West of West Chester

West of the City of West Chester, Pennsylvania the East Branch Brandywine Creek flows in a south-southeast and southwest direction to join southeast, northeast, and southeast oriented West Branch Brandywine Creek and to form southeast oriented Brandywine Creek. Broad Run is a southeast, east, and south-southeast oriented West Branch Brandywine Creek tributary located between the […]

Chester Valley between East Brandywine Creek and Valley Creek

Figure 1: Chester Valley segment between Valley Creek and East Brandywine Creek showing East Brandy Creek and Valley Creek valleys in the South Valley Hills. United States Geological Survey map digitally presented using National Geographic TOPO software.   One the Philadelphia region’s most easily recognized landforms is the Chester Valley, which extends in an east-northeast direction […]

Aquetong Creek-Lahaska Creek Drainage Divide area, Solebury Township, Bucks County

Northeast oriented Aquetong Creek headwaters originate north and east of Lahaska, Pa area and eventually reach the south oriented Delaware River while south and south-southwest oriented Lahaska Creek flows just west and south of Lahaska to reach Mill Creek and then Neshaminy Creek, which eventually flows to a southwest oriented Delaware River segment. Through valleys […]

Paunnacussing Creek-Pine Run Through Valley

The Paunnacussing Creek-Pine Run Through Valley is located a short distance north and east of Doylestown and links northeast oriented Paunnacussing Creek drainage with southwest oriented Pine Run drainage. Paunnacussing Creek flows in a northeast direction to join the south oriented Delaware River as a barbed tributary. Pine Run flows in a southwest direction to […]

Delaware River-North Branch Neshaminy Creek Plumstead Township Through Valley

The Delaware River-North Branch Neshaminy Creek Plumstead Township through valley extends in a southwest direction from Point Pleasant along the Delaware River to southwest oriented North Branch Neshaminy Creek, which at Chalfont joins east and southeast oriented Neshaminy Creek as a barbed tributary. Geddes Creek and a tributary drain the through valley northeast end. Geddes […]

Core Creek Elbow of Capture East of Newtown, PA

The Core Creek Elbow of Capture east of Newtown, PA poses an intriguing problem as Core Creek first flows in a southeast direction toward the nearby Delaware River and then abruptly turns to flow in a southwest direction to eventually join Neshaminy Creek. Further shallow west-southwest to east-northeast oriented through valleys link the southeast and […]

Shallow Through Valleys Crossing the Neshaminy Creek-Newtown Creek Drainage Divide

Newtown Creek (location 2, 4, and 5 in figure 1) is a relatively minor stream flowing in a southeast, east-northeast, and south direction near and through Newtown, PA to join southeast and south oriented Neshaminy Creek south of figure 1 (Neshaminy Creek flows in a southeast direction from location 1 to the figure 1 south […]

Neshimany Creek-Ironworks Creek Through Valley at Richboro

A shallow (20-40 foot deep) through valley at location 1 (in figure 1) and shown in more detail in figure 2 (at end of text) links the south and south-southeast oriented Ironworks Creek valley head with a northeast oriented valley (Potter Run) draining through Northampton Country Club and Tyler State Park to southeast and south […]

Mill Creek-Southampton Creek Through Valley

The Mill Creek-Southampton Creek through valley (illustrated in figure 1) links south-southwest oriented Southampton Creek (location 2), which flows to Pennypack Creek (seen in the figure 1 southwest corner), with southeast and east-northeast oriented Mill Creek (location 3), which flows to Neshaminy Creek (located east of figure 1). The deepest notch (location 1) has a […]

Somerton-Huntingdon Valley Through Valley

The Somerton-Huntingdon Valley Through Valley is a shallow west-southwest to east-northeast oriented continuous valley linking the south oriented Poquessing Creek valley (east) with the south oriented Pennypack Creek valley (west). The through valley west-southwest end is drained by Huntingdon Valley Creek, which flows in a south and south-southwest direction before entering the valley. The through […]

Tacony Creek Cheltenham Elbow of Capture

Tacony Creek (known also as Tookany Creek further upstream and as Frankford Creek further downstream) flows in roughly a southeast direction from Elkins Park to between Cheltenham and Ashmead Village and then turns abruptly to flow in a southwest direction between Ashmead Village and Lawndale. This abrupt change of direction is here named the Cheltenham […]

Spring Mill Creek Drainage Basin Origin and History

Spring Mill Creek (also known as Spring Mill Run) is a relatively minor Schuylkill River tributary and flows in a southwest, south, west, and south direction to the Schuylkill River at Spring Mill (just east of Conshohocken). The Spring Mill Creek drainage basin is bounded on the north and west by the southwest and south […]