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Schuylkill River Spring Mill Elbow of Capture

The Schuylkill River flows in a south direction from Norristown to West Conshohocken where it turns to flow in an east-northeast direction to Spring Mill and then┬áturns abruptly to flow in a southeast direction through the eight-mile long Schuylkill Gorge carved in erosion resistant metamorphic and igneous rocks. The gorge southeast end is in the […]

Spring Mill Creek Drainage Basin Origin and History

Spring Mill Creek (also known as Spring Mill Run) is a relatively minor Schuylkill River tributary and flows in a southwest, south, west, and south direction to the Schuylkill River at Spring Mill (just east of Conshohocken). The Spring Mill Creek drainage basin is bounded on the north and west by the southwest and south […]

Andorra Wind Gap

The Andorra Wind Gap links an east-northeast oriented tributary to the Wissahickon Gorge north entrance with a west-southwest oriented Schuylkill River tributary and has an elevation of 266 feet. To the south Schuylkill River-Wissahickon Creek drainage divide elevations rise to 420 feet before decreasing until Wissahickon Creek joins the Schuylkill River. To the north a […]

Marble Hall Through Valley between Spring Mill and Wissahickon Creeks

The Marble Hall Through Valley between Spring Mill Creek and Wissahickon Creek is one of several through valleys linking the Wissahickon Creek valley upstream from the Wissahickon Gorge with the Schuylkill River valley and is located in Marble Hall between Lafayette Hill and Barren Hill. Wissahickon Creek flows in a south direction at the through […]