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Guide to Landforms Seen Along SEPTA’s Warminster Regional Rail Line

Overview: Along its 21-mile distance SEPTA’s Warminster Regional Rail line ascends from sea level to approximately 320 feet and crosses the Delaware-Schuylkill River drainage divide twice as it travels from the Tookany Creek drainage basin to the Wissahickon Creek drainage basin and then to the Pennypack Creek drainage basin. Along the way observant riders can […]

Mill Creek-Southampton Creek Through Valley

The Mill Creek-Southampton Creek through valley (illustrated in figure 1) links south-southwest oriented Southampton Creek (location 2), which flows to Pennypack Creek (seen in the figure 1 southwest corner), with southeast and east-northeast oriented Mill Creek (location 3), which flows to Neshaminy Creek (located east of figure 1). The deepest notch (location 1) has a […]

Tacony Creek Cheltenham Elbow of Capture

Tacony Creek (known also as Tookany Creek further upstream and as Frankford Creek further downstream) flows in roughly a southeast direction from Elkins Park to between Cheltenham and Ashmead Village and then turns abruptly to flow in a southwest direction between Ashmead Village and Lawndale. This abrupt change of direction is here named the Cheltenham […]

Aligned drainage and Pennypack Creek barbed tributaries near Fox Chase

Pennypack Creek as seen in figure 1 flows in a southeast direction from location 1 to location 2 with two noticeable northeast oriented turns and two noticeable southwest oriented segments. Tributaries from the east identified by locations 3, 4, 5, and 6 all flow in southwest directions to join south oriented Pennypack Creek segments at […]

Dresher-Pennypack Creek Through Valley

The Dresher-Pennypack Creek Through valley extends in a northeast direction from Dresher to the Pennypack Creek valley between Fulmor and Heaton and is today used by the Pennsylvania Turnpike and a Norfolk Southern freight rail line to cross the Pennypack Creek-Wissahickon Creek drainage divide. The through valley floor elevation at that drainage divide is between […]