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The Red Clay Creek-White Clay Creek divide area near Kennett Square, PA

The divide between West Branch Red Clay Creek and the East Branch White Clay Creek near Kennett Square is crossed by at least two former west-southwest oriented water flow channels. The southern former channel east end is drained by a north, east-northeast and southeast oriented tributary to the West Branch Red Clay Creek while the […]

The Brandywine Creek-Red Clay Creek divide area near Longwood Gardens

Longwood Gardens near Kennett Square in Chester County is located on the drainage divide between Brandywine Creek to the east and Red Clay Creek to the west. A former east-to-west oriented water flow channel crosses the present-day Brandywine Creek-Red Clay Creek divide on the Longwood Gardens grounds on the north side of the main conservatory […]

Ridley Creek-Chester Creek drainage divide area located west of Media, Chester County, PA

Ridley Creek flows in a south-southeast direction along the west edge of Media and eventually reaches the southwest oriented Delaware River while Chester Creek flows in a southeast direction approximately 3 kilometers to the west and independently reaches the Delaware River. In addition to being two closely spaced and roughly parallel southeast oriented Delaware River […]

Schuylkill River-Mill Creek Drainage Divide area east and north of Bryn Mawr

Mill Creek originates just north of the Villanova University campus and flows in an east direction along the north sides of the Rosemont College and Bryn Mawr campuses until it turns to flow in an east-southeast and a south-southeast direction before making an abrupt turn to flow in a northeast direction to join the southeast […]