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Aligned Drainage, Barbed Tributaries, Through Valleys and Water Gaps in the Stony Creek Headwaters Area

Stony Creek flows in a southwest and south direction in Montgomery County to join the southeast oriented Schuylkill River at Norristown. Southwest oriented Stony Creek headwaters and headwaters tributaries are linked by shallow through valleys with the south oriented Wissahickon Creek valley to the east. Other Stony Creek tributaries flow in south, southwest, and northeast […]

Wissahickon Creek Elbow of Capture and Water Gap at Gynedd Valley

After flowing in a southwest, south, south-southeast, and east direction Wissahickon Creek turns at its Gynedd Valley Elbow of Capture to flow in a south direction through its Gynedd Valley Water Gap. Southwest and west-southwest oriented Trewellyn Creek joins the east oriented Wissahickon Creek segment at the Gynedd Valley Elbow of Capture. The Gynedd Valley […]

Dresher-Pennypack Creek Through Valley

The Dresher-Pennypack Creek Through valley extends in a northeast direction from Dresher to the Pennypack Creek valley between Fulmor and Heaton and is today used by the Pennsylvania Turnpike and a Norfolk Southern freight rail line to cross the Pennypack Creek-Wissahickon Creek drainage divide. The through valley floor elevation at that drainage divide is between […]

Marble Hall Through Valley between Spring Mill and Wissahickon Creeks

The Marble Hall Through Valley between Spring Mill Creek and Wissahickon Creek is one of several through valleys linking the Wissahickon Creek valley upstream from the Wissahickon Gorge with the Schuylkill River valley and is located in Marble Hall between Lafayette Hill and Barren Hill. Wissahickon Creek flows in a south direction at the through […]

Whitemarsh Through Valley between Plymouth and Wissahickon Creeks

The Whitemarsh Through Valley between Plymouth Creek and Wissahickon Creeks is one of several low elevation through valleys linking the Wissahickon Creek valley upstream from Wissahickon Gorge with the Schuylkill River and is a west to east oriented valley underlain by easily eroded bedrock and bounded on the south by an erosion resistant upland and […]

Chalfont Elbow of Capture

Southwest oriented North Branch Neshaminy Creek and southwest oriented Pine Run join northeast oriented West Branch Neshaminy Creek at Chalfont to create the meandering and east oriented Neshaminy Creek, which eventually meanders in a southeast, south-southeast, and south direction to join a southwest oriented Delaware River segment. The Chalfont Elbow of Capture is just one […]

Meadow Brook Through Valley

The Meadow Brook Through Valley is an east-northeast oriented valley used by the SEPTA West Trenton line between Jenkintown and Bethayres and links the south oriented Tacony Creek valley at Jenkintown with the deeper south oriented Pennypack Creek valley at Bethayres. Today south oriented Baederwood Creek flows into the the through valley’s west-southwest end and […]