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Buckingham Mountain, Bucks County, PA

Figure 1: Buckingham Mountain region in Bucks County, PA. United States Geological Survey topographic map digitally presented using National Geographic TOPO software. Buckingham Mountain in Bucks County is a high southwest-to-northeast oriented ridge (more than 500 feet at its highest point while surrounding landscape elevations are in the 200-300 foot range). According to the Pennsylvania […]

Mill Creek-Pidcock Creek drainage divide and Pidcock Creek drainage basin origin

The Pidcock Creek drainage basin is located east of Doylestown in Bucks County and is bounded on the southwest by the southeast and south oriented Mill Creek drainage basin, the northwest by Buckingham Mountain, the north by Solebury Mountain, the northeast by the southeast oriented Delaware River, and the south and southeast by Bowman Hill […]

Aquetong Creek-Lahaska Creek Drainage Divide area, Solebury Township, Bucks County

Northeast oriented Aquetong Creek headwaters originate north and east of Lahaska, Pa area and eventually reach the south oriented Delaware River while south and south-southwest oriented Lahaska Creek flows just west and south of Lahaska to reach Mill Creek and then Neshaminy Creek, which eventually flows to a southwest oriented Delaware River segment. Through valleys […]

Paunnacussing Creek-Pine Run Through Valley

The Paunnacussing Creek-Pine Run Through Valley is located a short distance north and east of Doylestown and links northeast oriented Paunnacussing Creek drainage with southwest oriented Pine Run drainage. Paunnacussing Creek flows in a northeast direction to join the south oriented Delaware River as a barbed tributary. Pine Run flows in a southwest direction to […]

Delaware River-North Branch Neshaminy Creek Plumstead Township Through Valley

The Delaware River-North Branch Neshaminy Creek Plumstead Township through valley extends in a southwest direction from Point Pleasant along the Delaware River to southwest oriented North Branch Neshaminy Creek, which at Chalfont joins east and southeast oriented Neshaminy Creek as a barbed tributary. Geddes Creek and a tributary drain the through valley northeast end. Geddes […]

Core Creek Elbow of Capture East of Newtown, PA

The Core Creek Elbow of Capture east of Newtown, PA poses an intriguing problem as Core Creek first flows in a southeast direction toward the nearby Delaware River and then abruptly turns to flow in a southwest direction to eventually join Neshaminy Creek. Further shallow west-southwest to east-northeast oriented through valleys link the southeast and […]

Shallow Through Valleys Crossing the Neshaminy Creek-Newtown Creek Drainage Divide

Newtown Creek (location 2, 4, and 5 in figure 1) is a relatively minor stream flowing in a southeast, east-northeast, and south direction near and through Newtown, PA to join southeast and south oriented Neshaminy Creek south of figure 1 (Neshaminy Creek flows in a southeast direction from location 1 to the figure 1 south […]

Aligned drainage and barbed tributaries in the Delaware River Valley near New Hope, PA

Aligned and barbed tributaries are commonly found along south and southeast oriented Delaware River valley segments marking the Pennsylvania and New Jersey border. One such region is the New Hope, PA and Lambertville, NJ region where the Delaware River flows in a southeast and south direction as seen in figure 1. Most tributaries from the […]

Neshimany Creek-Ironworks Creek Through Valley at Richboro

A shallow (20-40 foot deep) through valley at location 1 (in figure 1) and shown in more detail in figure 2 (at end of text) links the south and south-southeast oriented Ironworks Creek valley head with a northeast oriented valley (Potter Run) draining through Northampton Country Club and Tyler State Park to southeast and south […]

Neshaminy Creek Elbow of Capture near Neshaminy Falls

The Neshaminy Creek drainage route just downstream from Neshaminy Falls exhibits an intriguing elbow of capture seen in figure 1 below. Neshaminy Creek flows in a south, southwest and south direction from location 1 to location 2 and then turns to flow in a northeast direction before turning again to flow in a southeast direction […]

Neshaminy Creek Water Gap and Elbows of Capture near Langhorne

The Neshaminy Creek drainage route north and west of Langhorne exhibits several intriguing elbows of capture. Figure 1 below shows Neshaminy Creek flowing in a southeast direction to Bridgetown (near map northeast corner) where it then makes a U-turn to flow in a west-southwest direction to Playwick Park (near map center). East-northeast oriented Mill Creek […]

Chalfont Elbow of Capture

Southwest oriented North Branch Neshaminy Creek and southwest oriented Pine Run join northeast oriented West Branch Neshaminy Creek at Chalfont to create the meandering and east oriented Neshaminy Creek, which eventually meanders in a southeast, south-southeast, and south direction to join a southwest oriented Delaware River segment. The Chalfont Elbow of Capture is just one […]