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Tacony Creek Cheltenham Elbow of Capture

Tacony Creek (known also as Tookany Creek further upstream and as Frankford Creek further downstream) flows in roughly a southeast direction from Elkins Park to between Cheltenham and Ashmead Village and then turns abruptly to flow in a southwest direction between Ashmead Village and Lawndale. This abrupt change of direction is here named the Cheltenham […]

Tacony Creek Gorge Between Jenkintown and Elkins Park

The stream referred to in this discussion as Tacony Creek, is sometimes known as Tookany Creek in its upper reaches and as Frankford Creek as it approaches the Delaware River. This distinction probably had more significance in the past than it does today as urbanization has buried tributary creeks and otherwise altered the drainage basin. […]

Meadow Brook Through Valley

The Meadow Brook Through Valley is an east-northeast oriented valley used by the SEPTA West Trenton line between Jenkintown and Bethayres and links the south oriented Tacony Creek valley at Jenkintown with the deeper south oriented Pennypack Creek valley at Bethayres. Today south oriented Baederwood Creek flows into the the through valley’s west-southwest end and […]