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Bucks County barbed tributary and elbow of capture inventory by township

This inventory identifies most of each township’s obvious barbed tributaries and elbows of capture as seen on 1:24,000-scale United States Geological Survey topographic maps, but should not be regarded as being complete. Also many of the barbed tributaries and elbows of capture are best seen and understood by observing the evidence in an area much […]

Neshaminy Creek-Little Neshaminy Creek drainage divide area in Warrington Township, Bucks County, PA

Neshaminy Creek “meanders” in an east direction north of Warrington Township while Little Neshaming Creek flows in an east, southeast, and east direction through southern Warrington Township. Mill Creek is a significant northeast oriented Neshaminy Creek tributary originating in Warrington Township. The Neshaminy Creek-Little Neshaminy Creek drainage divide elevation northeast of Montgomeryville along the Montgomery-Bucks […]

Crum Creek-Darby Creek drainage divide area near Newtown Square, Delaware County, PA

Crum Creek and Darby Creek both originate in the same region near Paoli and Berwyn just south of the Chester Valley south rim and diverge slightly before flowing in southeast and south-southeast directions to join the southwest oriented Delaware River at almost the same location. Both streams are joined by northeast oriented barbed tributaries from […]

Barbed tributaries and aligned drainage near Cheney, PA

Cheney, PA is located in an east oriented East Branch Chester Creek valley segment and is located a short distance downstream from the confluence of south-southeast oriented East Branch Chester Creek with southeast oriented Goose Creek and a short distance upstream from where the East Branch Chester Creek turns to flow again in a south-southeast […]

Barbed tributaries and aligned drainage near Media, Delaware County, PA

Media (Delaware County, PA) is located on the relatively narrow drainage divide between south oriented Crum Creek and south-southeast oriented Ridley Creek. Northeast oriented and barbed tributaries drain to Crum Creek and to Ridley Creek from the west and tributaries to both creeks from the east are oriented in southwest directions. The northeast and southeast […]

Crum Creek-Ridley Creek drainage divide near Geist Reservoir, Delaware County, PA

North of Media (Delaware County, PA) Crum Creek and Ridley Creek flow in closely spaced southeast oriented valleys and then turn to flow in south-southeast oriented valley. Geist Reservoir is an artificial lake flooding a Crum Creek valley segment. Both Crum Creek and Ridley Creek in this region are joined by northeast and north-northeast oriented […]

Schuylkill River-Mill Creek Drainage Divide area east and north of Bryn Mawr

Mill Creek originates just north of the Villanova University campus and flows in an east direction along the north sides of the Rosemont College and Bryn Mawr campuses until it turns to flow in an east-southeast and a south-southeast direction before making an abrupt turn to flow in a northeast direction to join the southeast […]

Delaware River Elbows of Capture Between Bulls Island and Hendrick Island

The Delaware River flows in a south and southeast direction to Bulls Island and then turns to flow in an east-northeast direction for approximately one mile to Hendrick Island before turning to again flow in a southeast and south direction. Delaware River tributaries from the northeast are aligned in a southwest direction while tributaries from […]