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Delaware River Benjamin Franklin Bridge Elbow of Capture

The Delaware River flows in a southwest direction along the Pennsylvania-New Jersey border until it turns to flow in a south direction under the Benjamin Franklin Bridge, which links the Philadelphia City Center with the Camden City Center. The abrupt change in the Delaware River direction of flow just north of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge […]

Schuylkill River Roosevelt Avenue and Columbia Bridge Elbows of Capture

The Schuylkill River flows in a southeast direction into Philadelphia and just after flowing under the Roosevelt Avenue Bridge makes an abrupt turn to flow in a southwest direction. After flowing in a southwest direction the Schuylkill River flows under the Columbia Bridge and just west of the East Park Reservoir makes another abrupt turn […]

Wissahickon Drainage Basin, Southeast Pennsylvania

Wissahickon Creek has a relatively small drainage basin in southeastern Pennsylvania, but is located along the Schuylkill River-Delaware River drainage divide southern end and includes a well-known and picturesque gorge in northwest Philadelphia. The stream rises near Lansdale in Montgomery County and flows for approximately 23 miles in a south direction to reach northwest Philadelphia […]

Philly Landforms Web Site Overview

To find specific landforms of interest use the category list on the side.  This Philly Landforms website is creating in a blog format a catalog of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area erosional landforms. Landforms of interest can be located by using the side bar category list where all landforms of a specific type or contained in a specific drainage […]