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Chester Valley between Coatesville and Downingtown

The Chester Valley between Coatesville and Dowingtown is an east-northeast oriented through valley linking south oriented West Branch Brandywine Creek with south oriented East Branch Brandywine Creek. West Branch Brandywine Creek flows from the 500-600 foot high North Valley Hills (north of the Chester Valley) to enter and cross the less than 350-foot high Chester […]

Drainage Divide Between the East and West Branches Brandywine Creek Located West of West Chester

West of the City of West Chester, Pennsylvania the East Branch Brandywine Creek flows in a south-southeast and southwest direction to join southeast, northeast, and southeast oriented West Branch Brandywine Creek and to form southeast oriented Brandywine Creek. Broad Run is a southeast, east, and south-southeast oriented West Branch Brandywine Creek tributary located between the […]