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The Brandywine Creek-Red Clay Creek divide area near Longwood Gardens

Longwood Gardens near Kennett Square in Chester County is located on the drainage divide between Brandywine Creek to the east and Red Clay Creek to the west. A former east-to-west oriented water flow channel crosses the present-day Brandywine Creek-Red Clay Creek divide on the Longwood Gardens grounds on the north side of the main conservatory […]

Chester Valley Origin: Some Alternate Interpretations

To date this website has used simple map interpretation methods when interpreting Philadelphia area landform origins and previous researcher interpretations have not been mentioned. While multiple Philadelphia area geologic and geographic studies have been conducted over the past 150 years origins of most landforms interpreted here have never been addressed at least in a way […]

Drainage Divide Between the East and West Branches Brandywine Creek Located West of West Chester

West of the City of West Chester, Pennsylvania the East Branch Brandywine Creek flows in a south-southeast and southwest direction to join southeast, northeast, and southeast oriented West Branch Brandywine Creek and to form southeast oriented Brandywine Creek. Broad Run is a southeast, east, and south-southeast oriented West Branch Brandywine Creek tributary located between the […]

Chester Valley between East Brandywine Creek and Valley Creek

Figure 1: Chester Valley segment between Valley Creek and East Brandywine Creek showing East Brandy Creek and Valley Creek valleys in the South Valley Hills. United States Geological Survey map digitally presented using National Geographic TOPO software.   One the Philadelphia region’s most easily recognized landforms is the Chester Valley, which extends in an east-northeast direction […]