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Jericho Mountain, Bucks County, PA

Figure 1: Jericho Mountain in Bucks County, PA. Bowman Hill is located north of the Jericho Mountain northeast end. The Delaware River flows in a southeast direction across the figure 1 northeast corner. Jericho Creek flows in an east-southeast and east-northeast direction along the Jericho Mountain south flank. Pidcock Creek drains the area north of […]

Bowman Hill at Washington Crossing Historic Park

Figure 1: Bowman Hill at Washington Crossing Historic Park. The Delaware River flows in a southeast direction in the water gap it eroded between Bowman Hill and Belle Mountain. United States Geological Survey topographic map digitally presented using National Geographic TOPO software. Bowman Hill is a high point (over 400 feet while the adjacent Delaware […]

Mill Creek-Pidcock Creek drainage divide and Pidcock Creek drainage basin origin

The Pidcock Creek drainage basin is located east of Doylestown in Bucks County and is bounded on the southwest by the southeast and south oriented Mill Creek drainage basin, the northwest by Buckingham Mountain, the north by Solebury Mountain, the northeast by the southeast oriented Delaware River, and the south and southeast by Bowman Hill […]